Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Happiness is everlasting we never have any reluctance or regret.  Pleasure on the other hand burns out just as quick as a match held at the finger tips.  One can only hold on to that flicker of light for so long until it gets close to your finger's tip forcing them to drop the burned out stick.  True happiness burns like the sun, always warm, and always burning.  I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not fleeting, it lasts▬for eternity.  If you want to have true peace and happiness in your life, true happiness, not a counterfit, but truly lasting peace and joy.  May I invite you to find the gospel of Jesus Christ and don't just make it a part of your life but make it your life.  I can promise any who read these words who are looking for more in life they will find it as they embrace the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon.  I am eternally grateful for the happiness I have found through the Savior Jesus Christ.  I love him and I know that he lives, it brings me happiness being apart of his work.

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