Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The Knowledge Which I Have is of God"

We were reading Alma 36 with a man not of our faith when this scripture jumped out at me in verse 26 "For because of the word which he has imparted unto me, behold, many have been born of God, and have tasted as I have tasted, and have seen eye to eye as I have seen; therefore they do know of these things of which I have spoken, as I do know; and the knowledge which I have is of God."  As I have been a missionary I have seen peoples' lives change as a result of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I can say full hearted that I know that the knowledge which I have is of God I am so grateful everyday for him.  He means everything in the world to me and all that I do I try to please him and help others understand that He does live!  He is real, and his Atonement is real also.  I'm grateful for the knowledge that I have and am just as grateful to be here in Montana and share it with other people.