Friday, January 7, 2011

A Superficial Knowledge

"Now, the atonement of Christ is the most basic and fundamental doctrine of the gospel, and it is the least understood of all our revealed truths. Many of us have a superficial knowledge and rely upon the Lord and his goodness to see us through the trials and perils of life."  -Bruce R. McConkie
As I have often pondered these words through out course of my trials and triumphs (mostly during the trials).  I am ever more humbled at the sober realization of what Jesus of Nazareth did for me and for all the world.  I recently heard a song from a musical called "The Garden" by Michael McLean, in it described the pain that the Savior must have gone through in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I have heard songs before that brought a sense of the spirit of Gethsemane but nothing like this.
We were driving up airport road as the song was playing and I was absolutely captured by it.  I could not look at anyone else in the truck, my gaze couldn't move from staring out the window as I listened to every word of the song.  I felt the fruits of the spirit as that song played.  All I could think of was my love for him and that I want to do anything I can to serve him and do his will.   I think we all could take Elder McConkie's advice and learn more about the atonement in this life.  Though we will never fully comprehend the infinite virtue of it, at least not in this life.  I know it will benefit us all as we learn more about this transcendent gift from Jesus Christ, and we will come to appreciate him more. 

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  1. The more and more I study the Atonement and learn about it, the more I realize I don't comprehend. Our Savior was able to overcome everything for us. There is no other way but in and through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your experience and testimony.